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My writing focuses intensely on the human condition. My interest in and study of Philosophy and Psychology imbues all my work.

I spend a lot of my time working on Poetry but also have some fiction in the works. Much of my current writing time is dedicated to AOTW.

If you want to learn more about my published works check the link below.

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Archaeology of The Word.

AOTW is a project that aims to help people live more authentic lives. It is a discussion between growth minded individuals.

I am attempting to form a community around AOTW that allows us all to uncover a more authentic mode of being.

I started this project when I realised my teaching work, though ‘objectively meaningful’ was not the fulfilment I desired. Join us below.

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My coaching is an extension of the general project of my writing, letting me work in depth with those wishing for authenticity.

I am trained to the ICF ACC level in Solution Focus methodology but use a more holistic Existential and Jungian lens in my coaching.

If you are interested in partnering with me to find a more purposeful and value-filled life you can learn more below.

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“Hailing from England, William Cooke is a Poet, Essayist, and Storyteller…

He retains a profound interest in Modern and Classical tales, including Mythology.

His highest purpose is to raise the profile of Mythological thought in our spiritually hungry world via recounting the secrets from his many adventures and misadventures.

Influenced by Jungian Psychology and Existential Philosophy, his main aims are to explore the eternal human experience and bring it into order. This project is a life’s work and is channelled through his writings. 

William is the author of published articles, research, longlisted flash fiction, film, and two short books. He is currently working on a book of travel essays and a second poetry collection. As well as creating relationships with others to bolster meaning in their lives, through his coaching work.”

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