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"Hailing from England, William Cooke is a Poet, Essayist, and Storyteller...

He retains a profound interest in Modern and Classical tales, including Mythology. His highest purpose is to raise the profile of Mythological thought in our spiritually hungry world via recounting the secrets from his many adventures and misadventures.

Influenced by Jungian Psychology and Existential Philosophy, his main aims are to explore the eternal human experience and bring it into order. This project is a life's work and is channelled through his writings. 

He is the author of published articles, research, longlisted flash fiction, film, and two short books. He is currently working on a book of travel essays and a second poetry collection. As well as creating relationships with other writers to guide them in unlocking their audiences."


Lost on how to get your work in front of an audience? Don't feel that you can push the send button on your agent query? Have a die-hard group of fans but can't seem to sell enough copies to eat?

Is the business side of writing sapping your creative energy and getting you blocked?

If your mindset is damaging your business, I have just what you need...

As Writer's Coach

"Many writers still see their craft in a traditional sense. Yet, willingly or unwillingly, the modern writer is an entrepreneur. I help to unblock that potential, as the stress of building an audience and being on your own can negatively impact creativity and even lead to writer's block. If you are struggling with your writing business there may be some underlying mindset issue. Get in touch to see how you can grow past it."

Kind words for my work


I have known William for more that a year now and I can highly recommend his work. William’s approach is quite different than any other I have come to because of a simple reason, he tailors his coaching exactly to your needs. He has helped me very much and still continues to do so. Do not hesitate to contact him.


Czech Republic


William is an invested and motivating coach. Always positive, he has just the right words to give self-confidence. I have never improved in English like I have since benefiting from his service!


/ France


Our coaching helped me to design my website, get clarity and communicate better. I feel more confident, especially, when I communicate with my clients. I am currently launching my business as a digital marketer and virtual assistant. The coaching helped with that so I can recommend William very highly!


/ Slovakia

A Couple of Questions


My first real story was written when I was 22. It was a flash fiction piece that was longlisted for the Flash500 prize called The Cold Wind, it is available on the Writing page of the site. I then began work on some short pieces and poems which eventually became Exercises In Tragedy and The Braid. I frequently wrote articles and content for my business leaving much less time for my fiction and essay work. But overall I have been writing for around ten years to any decent quality, this was not the beginning, however...

Indeed, my first forays into poetry came in the collected volumes Order and Chaos co-written with a bottle of Jack Daniels and my best friend.  My determination to write a book came younger still, beginning with the rather clumsy "The wind whipped at William's face." My love for alliteration (through Old English poetry) never really left though! This incident occurred somewhere before I was a teenager.  There was also a rather ill-fated attempt to write a scientific mythology to replace the Bible. Such lofty goals for an aspiring eleven-year-old! It seems then writing was something I was always intending to do, even if I must frequently remind myself of this. Most unfortunately, these juvenilia were conveniently lost to the annals of time.


You can see the packages for more details of the results and contents of the work. Largely, I will be supporting you with your own self-defined goals. Such is the process of coaching. I trained in Solution Focused coaching with the Master Coach and German ICF President Kirsten Dierolf. I am rather passionate about this methodology due to its Wittgensteinian underpinnings. However, due to my previous work on communications with non-native English speakers and my interest in Existentialism and Jung I have developed a somewhat idiosyncratic style suited to a creative and life-affirming framework.

You can expect both support and challenges from me and due to my own experience with building a small business I am also able to provide advice and insight where necessary.


Like anything you can expect what you put in. You know that IT jargon term? Garbage in garbage out. It's like that. Building a brand and an audience are slow, difficult and tiring things to do. This is why success can seem so elusive. However, I promise that by the time you leave you will have all the tools you need to do that. And, if you are the determined, hard-working and honest person you told me you were in our intake interview, you will also have the mindset to succeed. This is the most important factor that separates the winners from the losers, unfortunately. Therefore, mindset is a large focus in the programmes. 


I love Psychology, particularly Jung and Existential Philosophy, particularly Nietzsche. I also (like any sensible writer) enjoy hot drinks and alcohol (predominantly Old World wines). If that sounds overly pretentious you are probably right but they are genuine passions! My slightly less pretentious passions include music, cooking and travel. I particularly like cooking traditional European food, including suet dumplings. My music taste is eclectic and spans Chopin to Kylie. Particular favourites are Warren Zevon, Nick Cave and Thin Lizzy.

I have lived abroad in ten countries and my favourite is Georgia. I love the mountains, the food, the crazy language and the hip vibes of Tbilisi.

Honestly, it would be quicker to tell you about my dislike list but that's fairly long. I'm an optimist though so my like list is much, much longer!

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