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William Cooke

"Hailing from England, William Cooke is a Poet, Essayist, and Storyteller who retains a profound interest in Modern and Classical tales, including Mythology. His highest purpose is to raise the profile of Mythological thought in our spiritually hungry world via recounting the secrets from his many adventures and misadventures.

Influenced by Jungian Psychology and Existential Philosophy, his main aims are to explore the eternal human experience and bring it into order. This project is a life's work and is channeled through his writings. 

He is the author of published articles, research, longlisted flash fiction, film, and two short books. He is currently working on a book of travel essays and a second poetry collection. As well as creating relationships with other writers to guide them in unlocking their audiences."

William Cooke is a Solution Focused coach and a passionate student of Human Psychology, with a varied experience of cross-cultural communication and living. Outside of work he enjoys painting, writing and travelling. In the future, he hopes to see more creative work in the world and aims his coaching in that direction!

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